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Also known as age spots or liver spots, sun spots are brown spots that can appear anywhere on the body from sun exposure. Their pigment can be a source of distress for many of our patients in Sebring, especially if they occur on the face.

You don’t have to continue living with these sun spots! At Florida Lakes Spa, our treatments remove your sun spots and bring radiance to your skin for a blemish-free appearance!

Deciding Which Treatment Is Best for You

Each patient has unique goals that require unique care. At your consultation with Florida Lakes Spa, we review your concerns and your medical history to select the best procedure for sun spot removal in Sebring.

What to Expect: The Consultation Process

Risk Factors for Sun Spots

Medical Conditions

Medical conditions, such as melasma, and certain medications can result in hyperpigmentation.

Prior Sunburns

If you have a history of severe sunburns, it increases your likelihood of developing age spots.

Frequent Sun Exposure

Sun spots show up most often in those who spend significant time in the sun.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sun Spots in Sebring

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Florida Lakes Spa is the premier provider of luxurious and rewarding services, including sun spot removal, in Sebring.

Led by Dr. T.C. Lackey II, our team of aesthetic specialists creates customized treatment plans to help you achieve your cosmetic goals.

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